Yorkies aren’t Dogs

they are a Lifestyle!

About Us

Le York has been established by Santa Viljoen.  At the end of 2001, Santa realized her dream to start her own business.  With limited capital, she and her husband Leon rented a shop in a shopping centre in Faerie Glen and set up creating a doggy parlour de lux.

In her usual inimitable way, Santa insisted that the shop be the best – both as regards cleanliness and service to her customers, to most of whom she has become a friend.  Although she caters for dogs and cats of all kinds, her special breed is the cheeky little Yorkshire Terrier, of whom she has five of her own.


Keeping in mind that Yorkie owners love to spoil their Yorkies, merchandise for Sale in Le York is hand picked for their quality and safety. Le York also stocks a wide range of nail clippers, slicker brushes and combs as well as shampoos.

Grooming Spa

The Yorkshire Terrier breed has very special needs, for which Le York Grooming Spa, caters.  For example, the Yorkie has very unusual hair, which is most like that of a person, and therefore needs specialized shampoos and conditioners.